[Pharmwaste] PhARMA does not want to pay

Ed Gottlieb EGottlieb at cityofithaca.org
Thu May 5 10:57:48 EDT 2016

Recent news stories about who should pay for take back:

PhARMA's newest effort to not pay...local lobbying:
"In Los Angeles County, for example, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association started calling residents warning them that a proposed drug take-back program would increase local taxes — even when it would be drug makers on the hook."

Manufacturers start to respond to As You Sow letter.
"In fact, there is scientific evidence that the creation of take-back programs for unused medicines and sharps will actually create more environmental impact than if disposed of in household trash.” Johnson & Johnson

"AbbVie maintained it already provides a program for helping patients dispose of unwanted medicines and syringes, and is working with industry trade groups on developing “solutions.” "

Merck is reported as supporting the "My Old Meds" program that promotes trash disposal; the option of last resort according to most stakeholders other than the manufactures.
And a story on chemo drug residual disposal:

It is worth noting that these well researched and written stories all came from Statnews.<https://www.statnews.com/pharmalot/2016/04/26/drug-abuse-take-back/>   Staff info: https://www.statnews.com/staff/  The ajmc story is quoting Stat for what seems to be an industry audience.

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