[Pharmwaste] DEA's Rosenberg again highlights take-back

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Thu Aug 3 10:53:57 EDT 2017

includes audio of interview:


On the DEA's mission

"[Our] biggest priority, simply stated, is the fact that 60,000 Americans died last year from a drug overdose. That's an astonishing number, and we have to do something about it, and we have to something about it fast."

On stifling prescription drugs' supply-demand relationship

"It's not necessarily easy to reduce either, but there are a couple ways that we think about it. For instance, we know that four out of five new heroin users started on prescription pills, and we know that there's a huge prescription pill problem in this country. So we have to be smarter about how we prescribe, what we take, what we put in our bodies, but also we have to clean out our medicine cabinets. The DEA runs a national take-back program<https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drug_disposal/takeback/> two times a year, where folks anonymously and safely can drop stuff off with us, no questions asked, and we incinerate it. If we can get pills out of people's homes, we can break that causal connection between pills and heroin."

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