shrug-l: SHRUG Weekly 20020501

Pollock, William
Wed, 1 May 2002 08:29:33 -0500

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 S  H  R  U  G 

 The Seven Hills Regional Usergroup for GIS 


SHRUG Weekly 20020501 

Hello SHRUGgiEs! 

This week's notes... 

1.) April 17th Meeting a Success! 
2.) SHRUG, Inc. Charter and By-laws... 
3.) Next SHRUG Quarterly? 

1.) April 17th Meeting a Success! 

Many thanks are due to Brian Pierce and the 
rest of the staff at FDACS for hosting the 
recent SHRUG Quarterly. The meeting began with 
the usual "Strategy Meeting" (details below) 
and the main portion of the gathering was used 
to share Brian's vision and the development 
and evolution of GIS at FDACS. Highlights 
included the "FDACS Enterprise Geodatabase 
Structure and Naming Conventions" and the 
"FDACS Propsed Method to Restrict Access to 
Map Services". Brian provided materials and 
documentation of such, so please contact him 
with any questions or requests regarding GIS 
at FDACS. 

2.) SHRUG, Inc. Charter and By-laws... 

During the main portion of the meeting, a vote 
was called to allow the SHRUG Workshop Planning 
Committee (WPC) to draft the formal documents 
needed for SHRUG, Inc. to apply for tax exemption. 
Such documents include a formal Charter, to outline 
the principles, functions, and organization of SHRUG, 
and a set of Bylaws, to define the governing rules 
of the internal affairs of SHRUG. Once drafted, 
these documents will be pushed to the SHRUG website 
for review by all members. The plan is to have the 
Charter and Bylaws ready for adoption by the next
SHRUG Quarterly Meeting. 

3.) Next SHRUG Quarterly? 

We received word from two possible hosts for 
the next SHRUG Quarterly, tentatively planned 
for July. Gary Watry of the FDCA DEM Emergency 
Operations Center volunteered, "as long as the 
EOC is not activated." And Joe Noble of the Tall 
Timbers Research Station also volnteered. 
Details TBA. 

Cheers, bill