shrug-l: GIS Question

Brandenburg, Erika
Wed, 3 Sep 2003 13:12:17 -0400


A colleague asked me a question and I wasn't positive on the answer.  

He wants to have a map to visually display soil samples taken and then to
"click" on the sample site to have the soil sample result information pop
up.  That seams relatively simple, BUT what he wants one further step.  He
would like for a "non-GIS" person to update the database (ACCESS?) with new
soil sampling locations and for that information to "automatically" appear
on the map based on the GPS coordinate entered.  He wants to totally bypass
having the GIS person "draw" the point and link to the new information.  

Because I didn't think that could be done, the only Idea I could come up
with would be to link a building/area with the location in the database that
holds the information on the soil samples.  The link will pull up all soil
samples within that building/area in the database.  THEN, when a new sample
is entered into the database it will show up.  Does this make sense?  

Any other ideas?