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Hi Mr. Gorham:

I use GDT street data for county-level geocoding.  I work at Escambia =
County Health Department, doing GIS/GPS for the Environmental Health =
Department.  We once subscribed to the GDT quarterly updates for one =
year, which was about $800 for the year.  (I think just one copy of one =
county's street data without any updates was about $600).  I was =
disappointed in the quarterly updates because hardly anything changed =
throughout the whole year!  I would suggest just getting the single copy =
each year without the updates.  Their data is very useful.  The Health =
Department in Tallahassee subscribes to GDT street data for every county =
in the state.

I would be very interested in pooling data (as licensing permits). =20

Marilyn Montgomery
Environmental Specialist
Escambia County Health Department

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