shrug-l: Identify Tool results window "autoexpand"?

McClean, James
Mon, 23 Feb 2004 16:14:21 -0500

No, but I feel your pain amigo.  Please post if you come up with a =
I've been meaning to run this one by the gurus at Twin Towers who =
support DEP
GIS users whenever I find time away from field work. Cheers,

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Subject: shrug-l: Identify Tool results window "autoexpand"?

We would like to control the display of the Identify tool "identify =
popup window such that the "tree" of results fully expands =
We have a feature class that has several 1:M relates and it would be =
for the tree to expand by default rather than the users having to drill =
the way down into each relate every time they identify a feature.  Maybe =
customized identify tool would be the way to go with this.  Anyone done
something similar?

Jay Johnson
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City of Tallahassee
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