shrug-l: RE: Identify Tool results window "autoexpand"?

Johnson, Jay
Mon, 23 Feb 2004 16:27:26 -0500

> **Edited to clarify  - this is when using the Identify Tool in
> ArcMap-ArcGIS Desktop against a feature class in SDE.***
> We would like to control the display of the Identify tool "identify
> results" popup window such that the "tree" of results fully expands
> automatically.  We have a feature class that has several 1:M relates and
> it would be useful for the tree to expand by default rather than the users
> having to drill all the way down into each relate every time they identify
> a feature.  Maybe a customized identify tool would be the way to go with
> this.  Anyone done something similar?
> Jay Johnson
> GIS Project Manager
> City of Tallahassee
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