shrug-l: Printing Problems

Casey Lindemuth
Tue, 09 Mar 2004 16:46:21 -0500

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<DIV class=RTE>I am currently using ArcMap 8.3 and I'm having problems printing out large plots.&nbsp; I have a 3gb processor, 1gb DDR Ram, and a 256mb graphic card.&nbsp; I am trying to print maps for my client, but I've not been successful.&nbsp; The plot size is 36x36.&nbsp; I have printed maps that size while using ArcView 3x, but found it difficult since migrating to ArcMap 8.3.&nbsp; It has become frustrating and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what the best solution is?&nbsp; Any input would be greatly appreciated.&nbsp; Help!?!?!</DIV>
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<DIV class=RTE>Sincerely,</DIV>
<DIV class=RTE>Casey Lindemuth</DIV>
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