shrug-l: Inserting multiple charts and graphs on a map ...

C. Henry Depew
Thu, 13 Jan 2005 13:45:19 -0500

       In ArcView their was a script file (Avenue) that let you designate a 
location, draw the box the size you wanted, and then insert the text, 
picture, chart, or graph.  Perhaps, someone has built a similar file for 

C. Henry Depew

At 08:28 AM 1/13/2005, Tan, Yurong wrote:
>I have an ArcMap question with regard to inserting a series of graphs (say 
>summary of the men and women populations in census 2000 for each State) 
>into one single map of the entire USA and linking those graphs to the 
>State's Capitol City.  I have tried with some limited success (ArcMap, 
>Excess, Access with multiple Excel files), but I think some of you might 
>have done that in an elegant way!  Please share you experience.  Thanks in 
>Remember:  They all gave some and some gave all!
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