shrug-l: Florida Related Images and Photographs

C. Henry Depew
Thu, 13 Jan 2005 13:48:46 -0500

In case someone is interested in images.

>The Florida Heritage Collection ( now contains
>images digitized through an LSTA grant to the Southwest Florida Library
>Network (SWFLN).  The Big Cypress National Preserve collection has
>beautiful images of landscape, flora and fauna from this southwest Florida
>park.  The Koreshan State Historical Site is a collection of photographs of
>the Koreshan Unity community founded on the banks of the Estero River.  The
>Sanibel Island History Collection is a digital photo-album documenting the
>historical development of Sanibel's people, groups, organizations and
>institutions as well as Sanibel's environment.  The three collections each
>have pathfinders in Florida Heritage.  The materials can be searched
>through Florida Heritage, and are presented in Visual Collections.
>Counts for selected PALMM projects as of January 1, 2005:
>Florida Heritage               3475 items,  216,803 pages or images
>Florida Environments Online    1066 titles,  73,106 pages
>Reclaiming the Everglades       376 titles,   7,743 pages
>Literature for Children         496 titles,  75,365 pages
>Miami Metropolitan Archives      65 titles,   4,448 pages
>Eric Eustace Williams              18 titles,     853 pages
>Psychological Study of the
>         Arts                               22 titles,   4,327 pages
>Southwest Florida
>       Environmental Documents      33 titles,   2,220 pages
>World Map Collections           4711 maps
>Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps     2936 maps
>Milemarkers                              894 photographs
>Aerial Photographs Florida  89,882 photographs
>Several collections have grown substantially since this time last year.
>Florida Heritage has added 1068 titles, Florida Environments Online added
>188 titles, World Maps added 2651 maps, and Milemarkers added 250 photos.