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Doug A. Skurski
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We have both the 1055CM and the 5500PS.  I'm in agreement with Jay that
the 1055CM is a good plotter.  All of the positives of the 1055CM are
present in the 5500PS, but the 5500PS can handle much larger width
prints; 72" wide rolls.  Another added feature of the 5500PS is that you
enter the length of your roll when installed (ie: 100', 300') and the
plotter will keep track of how much paper has been used and how much is
left on that roll, so that it will not start a large plot and run out of
paper half way through. =20

The only downside to the 5500PS I've experienced is with the printer
driver interaction with specific software.  For much of our
applications, there is no conflict, but for ArcGIS and AutoDesk Land
Desktop, they need different drivers (both readily available) to plot
successfully.  You just have to manually swap back and forth between
drivers if you use both applications.  No such printer driver issue
exists with the 1055CM.

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The 1055CM is a sweet machine - high quality, fast and no problems I've
experienced or heard of.  The ink reservoirs are HUGE and it can take
100 or 300 ft rolls of paper.  It can also accept sheet feed WITHOUT
unloading the roll, which is a plus.  The ink/printhead monitoring
system is great.  And it comes in a very chic Vader-black finish.  I'd
definitely buy this plotter again.

I don't have the multiple roll changer myself - I've heard it is a pain
to change rolls on that. The optional document bin is rather huge - I
wouldn't want that in my office... Both of those options might be
necessary in a high-volume shop.

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>>> "Pierce, Brian" <> 5/18/2005 4:00:09 PM
I have end of the FY funds and looking to purchase a HP plotter.  Can
anyone tell me their thoughts on the 1055CM, 4400PS or the 5500PS?=20
"needed" accessories would be good for each model also.






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