shrug-l: ArcSDE 9.1 JPEG2000 Compression Problems
Mon, 19 Sep 2005 14:24:44 -0400

Anyone using JPEG2000 compression to create mosaics in SDE 9.1?  I have
written an application that is creating mosaics and generating good
results, until I use JPEG2000 compression.  It creates a visual anomaly in
the SDE mosaic that becomes quite noticeable (and unacceptable) as you zoom
in.  I have tried altering the load parameters (image quality, pyramid
type, level etc.) in my code but nothing seems to help create a better
result.  I have also tried using the ArcCatalog 9.1 out of the box tools
for creating mosaics, but the same problem persists.  I'm loading  2004
DOQs (tiff format).  Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem
or has a solution?  Thanks!

Mark Welsh
GIS Applications Coordinator
Transportation Statistics Office
Florida Department of Transportation
(850) 414-4722