shrug-l: ArcSDE 9.1 JPEG2000 Compression Solution
Tue, 20 Sep 2005 09:34:27 -0400

The solution to the loading of images using JPEG2000 compression is that
the numeric value for JPEG2000 image quality appears to range from 5 to 255
(unlike 5 to 95 for regular JPEG compression).  I was passing a value of 90
thinking this would give a good result, but really needed to set image
quality much higher (say 170 or more) to get something adequate.  However,
the benefits (compression ratio) of JPEG2000 compression fall dramatically
as you increase image quality...

This distinction is not noted in the 9.1 documentation, but others have
experienced this problem.  Here is the link from ESRI user forums: