shrug-l: ArcSDE 9.1 JPEG2000 Compression Solution

Adam Carnow
Tue, 20 Sep 2005 09:54:03 -0400

FYI - a note from a colleague...

While they claim that 255 is the maximum usable value for image loading =
with JPEG2000, I've experienced that there seems to be a bug that =
prevents you from using any number actually higher than 229.

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Subject: shrug-l: ArcSDE 9.1 JPEG2000 Compression Solution

The solution to the loading of images using JPEG2000 compression is that
the numeric value for JPEG2000 image quality appears to range from 5 to =
(unlike 5 to 95 for regular JPEG compression).  I was passing a value of =
thinking this would give a good result, but really needed to set image
quality much higher (say 170 or more) to get something adequate.  =
the benefits (compression ratio) of JPEG2000 compression fall =
as you increase image quality...

This distinction is not noted in the 9.1 documentation, but others have
experienced this problem.  Here is the link from ESRI user forums:


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