shrug-l: Layer Files and Labeling * Maplex "go tcha"

Jay Johnson
Fri, 23 Sep 2005 10:20:33 -0400

FYI - I found an issue that affects label settings in layerfiles I thought I'd pass along.

If labels are created in an MXD with the Maplex Label Engine enabled and the layer is then saved to a layerfile, when the layerfile is subsequently added to a project for which Maplex is NOT enabled, the label properties are reset to default. (ESRI DEVELOPERS:  A warning message would be nice!) 
Similarly, if the labels are initially created WITHOUT Maplex and saved to a layerfile, they get reset to default when added to an MXD that DOES have Maplex enabled. 

Based on this behavior it seems you almost need to decide to either always use Maplex or never use it...

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