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Another option that lets you store your data wherever you want is to use UNC
pathnames.  In Windows Explorer, connect to the server where the data resides
through "My Network Places".  Then use that connection to access the data and
to define folder connections in Arc Catalog.



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There may be a script you can download but there is no way to do it with
plain ArcGIS. I would recommend you set your maps to use relative paths in
the future. That way as long as the data and map stay in the same location
relative to one another you will not have this problem again. That setting is
under map properties.


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	Is there a way to change the data source for multiple data layers in
ArcMap?  We recently changed our data library location and now all my links
have to be reset.  Only part of the path name has changed (i.e. V: to N:\Data
Library).  Any suggestions?



	Jim T.


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