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You should be able to copy the files together at a windows command prompt: 
like this:

copy cpmove-authent.tar.gz.part1 + cpmove-authent.tar.gz.part2 + 
cpmove-authent.tar.gz.part3 cpmove-authent.tar.gz

The syntax is copy source1 + source2 + source 3 + ... destination

I would make sure you have quick edit turned on for the command prompt so 
you can just copy 
"+ cpmove-authent.tar.gz.part" to speed up building the copy command.

You may have to try the /A or /B flags for ASCII or Binary files. Enter 
"copy /?" at the command prompt for syntax options.

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shrug-l: TAR GZ files

I thought I would see if any of you might know the answer to this. I have 
what appears to be a multivolume set of TAR files. I can not seem to get 
them to open. I was hoping someone might be able to recommend a utility 
and the proper syntax. Here is an example of a few file names:
and so on to part 28.
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