shrug-l: ArcMap (9.1) problem ...Do I miss something?

Tan, Yurong Yurong.Tan at
Mon Dec 11 11:47:25 EST 2006

I have a problem and I am looking for pointers.  I am editing (more
exactly cutting/slicing up polygons) a polygon data layer in PGDB using
ArcMap 9.1.  I am baffled by the ArcMap behavior that a polygon will
expand (becomes much larger) every time when it is edited (cut or move).
This happens only to some polygons (out of thousands in the data layer).

I have closed the MXD and started ArcMap in a new session, but the
problem persists.  Has anyone encountered this behavior and would share
his experience?  
Happy Holidays!           

By the way, I just realized that the SHRUG-L accepts submissions of only
plain text messages after I got a bunch of bounced messages this

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