shrug-l: AutoCAD Files ???

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If you go to ESRI.Com and search in the ArcScripts section using a CAD
query you will find a tool called ArcMap to DXF which will export layers,
shapefile, etc. to CAD, DXF format

Is there a way to create an AutoCAD file from an existing Shapefile using
ArcGIS 9.2?

Thank you,
Mary Jane
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Depending on the Level of ArcGIS yes you can. If you have ArcInfo, you can
use the TO CAD conversion tool in ArcToolbox to create a DXF file. A DXF
file is an AutoCAD native file type. If you have ArcView or ArcEditor, you
will need the Data Interoperability Extension.

Autodesk Map, Land Desktop, and Civil 3d applications are able to import
shapefiles. These are all AutoCAD based applications. Also I believe there
are several third party Shapefile to CAD conversion applications available
on the internet. Most are either free or have a trial period. Just do a
search on Shapefile to CAD.

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