shrug-l: Batch CLIP and EXPORT

Edwin, III Cake EDWINC at
Thu Feb 2 09:03:30 EST 2006

Use the "Identity" tool in the "Overlay" tool set of the "Analysis"
toolbox it will do a clip and spatial join to get your doqq names
Hope this helps

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>>> "Bret Whiteley" <bwhiteley at> 02/02/06 8:54
AM >>>
Using ArcVIEW 9.1 License does anybody know of a methodology to batch
clip a
large polyline file by individual Quarter Quads (QQ) and give the
export of
the clip the name of the particular Quarter Quad (QQ)? 

I have a large contour shapefile (2 gigs) which I would like to break
Quarter Quads.  I could do this by painstakingly separating each QQ
the contours and naming the product contours after the clipping QQ.  It
seems like too easy a process for there not to be an automated way to

Any Ideas.


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