shrug-l: RE: ArcINFO bug???

Tan, Yurong Yurong.Tan at
Wed Feb 15 09:49:16 EST 2006

For those of you who are still using Arc/INFO AML to do things, you
might need to watch out for functionality changes that might have been
implemented inadvertently.  For example, a variable quoted by the [QUOTE
] function is not the same as not quoted by the [QUOTE ] function.  For
instance, the following statements will produce different results
(ArcInfo 9.0).  Among other things, the quote function is often used to
prevent a failure should the variable is a null/empty or an incompatible
type (e.g. a number in this case).

&sv x = 'TEST' 

&if [quote %x%] = 'TEST' &then &type (1) X is equal to TEST
&else &type (1) X is not equal to TEST

&if %x% = 'TEST' &then &type (2) X is equal to TEST
&else &type (2) X is not equal to TEST

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