shrug-l: Found the problem with the hp750c

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The 750C is considered a very old model. It is getting harder to find
parts. If you can afford it, I would recommend upgrading to a newer
plotter. Not knowing your mechanical ability I can not say if you can
replace the belt. But I would recommend that you have a trained tech do
it because I am sure there are other adjustments that will need to be
made plus it could be more than just the belt. I would guess you are
looking at a repair bill of close to $300.00 or more based on my

A new plotter such as an HP 500, which is about on par with the 750,
starts at about $2,100.00. Yes that is 7 times my estimated cost of
repair but you will have a new machine that is under warranty, prints at
a higher resolution (1,200x600), has larger inkwells, and prints faster.
Of course you may have to adjust the colors in your maps. Since this is
a new plotter built on later technology it will not print the same as
the 750. If your clients are like mine they hate it when their maps
change from what they are use to. 

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Thanks for the info everyone.  The belt controlling
movement of the cartridges is destroyed.  I noticed
some shavings on the paper and took a closer look. 
The rubber on the belt is shredded down to threads. 
Can the belt be replaced by myself or does it require
a professional service person?  Also, this seems like
the opportunity for a new plotter.  For those of you
who have upgraded from this model (hp 750c), would you recommend doing
so now?  

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