shrug-l: Found the problem with the hp750c

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Wed Feb 15 11:19:36 EST 2006

We have both a 1055CM and a 5500. The 1055 prints much faster than the
5500 though it does not produce as sharp or clear a print as the 5500.
For a plot only containing vector data though you can not tell much
difference however if you lay an aerial photo to the mix the difference
is quite apparent. The 5500 does a great job printing high resolution
maps including raster images. I have had some issues matching blue toned
colors in rasters files to those that print off the 1055CM. For example
our logo has a navy blue background. On the 1055 it prints fine. On the
5500 it prints purple. Vector prints seem to be ok though. Both plotters
have proven to be real work horses requiring very little maintenance.
The 1055 has been around for quite awhile and I believe will be replaced
with the 4000 series, which seems to combine the speed of the 1055 with
the resolution of the 5500.

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Yes, I think you want to upgrade.  I'm not sure if you can find parts
for the 750C anymore.  We needed a new print head and ended up
surplussing the plotter as "uneconomically repairable".

Since then, I've been looking at a 1055CM Plus or a 5500.  The 1055CM
Plus is a 36" wide plotter and has PostScript support (for about $8.7k).
The 5500 is a 42" wide plotter, has more memory (and a hard drive) and
costs less than the 1055CM Plus, but does NOT have PostScript support
(the 5500ps does).  I'm leaning towards the 5500, but wonder if nearly
$3 grand is worth it for the PostScript support and 128 MB more memory
in the 5500ps???  (The memory can be added to the 5500 for about $150).

Another factor to consider is, which one is the newer model?  I think
that the 1055CM Plus is older, and may not be around that much longer
(future service issues?).  Of course the 4500 appears to be the newest
series, but is also more expensive.

Other comments greatly appreciated.

-- John

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Thanks for the info everyone.  The belt controlling movement of the
cartridges is destroyed.  I noticed some shavings on the paper and took
a closer look. 
The rubber on the belt is shredded down to threads. 
Can the belt be replaced by myself or does it require a professional
service person?  Also, this seems like the opportunity for a new
plotter.  For those of you who have upgraded from this model (hp 750c),
would you recommend doing so now?  

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