shrug-l: ArcPress Bug

Sykes, John John.Sykes at
Thu Feb 16 14:48:43 EST 2006

I think I've found a bug in the new version of the ArcPress Print Engine that
comes with ArcInfo 9.1.

I wanted to use the PostScript option for our HP Color Laser Jet 5500PS,
however, no matter how hard I try, the image keeps coming out as a fraction
of a map on 8-1/2 x 11" paper instead of the full map on the 11 x 17" paper I
selected.  I've changed the paper size in every window I could find of and
even downloaded a new .ppd file for the CLJ from HP.

I think the problem is that ArcPress is NOT sending the correct paper size or
tray selection to the printer.  But it might be more involved than that,
'cause I sent a copy of the .ps output to file, then imported it into Adobe
Acrobat.  It came through in an oddball size there too!  I was hoping to get
improved raster image processing using the PostScript option, but went back
to the default Windows Print Engine.

Oh yeah, ArcPress itself doesn't work at all with the CLJ, it only supports
plotters, but I thought that a PostScript driver, is a PostScript driver, is
a . . .  Well you get the gist.

-- John

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