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I have used the DS Map Booklet application as well with many projects.
It is pretty good. It does have some weaknesses. One things that drove
we crazy was the shifting of the local indicator grid. It would not stay
centered or to a set scale especially on maps located on the edge of an
irregular grid. We tweaked the code a bit to fix that problem. But
keeping in mind that it is only suppose to be a sample and the price
(free), it is a very good product. 

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I need to generate hundreds of maps using ArcGIS.  The bounding
rectangle for each map exists as a polygon in an index grid layer.


ESRI has two downloadable, non-supported utilities:  One is called the
"DS Map Book" and the other is called the "Map Sheet Production
Utility".  In addition, there are other scripts/extensions developed by
the user community and available as ArcScripts on the ESRI web site.


If anyone has used one of these utilities for automating map production,
please let me know what you think of it.  In particular, I would like to
better understand the strengths and differences between the Map Book and
Map Sheet Production utilities.


If you have information on these utilities, please reply to me and I
will summarize to the list.


Thank you,


Miguel Garriga


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