shrug-l: Public Boat Ramps and Marinas

Sykes, John John.Sykes at
Fri Jul 14 12:32:04 EDT 2006

I was working on a map of a coastal region of Florida and thought that it
would be useful to plot the locations of public boat ramps and marinas that
allow overnight dockage (both fee or no-fee) in that area.  Well, to make a
long story short, I could not find a shapefile or database anywhere with this
information, especially including the necessary Lat/Longs.  I finally found a
local's website who had the GPS coordinates for the ramps in the area I was
mapping, but never found one for the whole State.  I'm mainly interested in
ramps and overnight marina slips that are in, or have access to saltwater
bodies.  Anyone know of website locations for such data (or are any of you
hiding it in your back pocket)?

-- John

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