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There are still seats available in the
0with%20Python.pdf> Introduction to Geoprocessing with Python Scripts in
ArcGIS being held on August 1- 3 at Keck  <> &
Wood's office in Duluth Georgia. 
If you are looking at a way to automate your GIS analysis processes in
ArcGIS (ArcView, ArcEditor or ArcInfo), then using Python Scripts is a
great way to do that. This 3 day course, taught by an experienced GIS
programmer and instructor, will cover the fundamentals of programming
with the Python language and how it can be integrated with ArcGIS
Desktop to automate many GIS analysis tasks. Course participants will be
led through a series of eight modules covering topics such as basic
Python language features, the Geoprocessor ArcObject and it's associated
classes, creation of dynamic scripts which can be added to ArcToolbox,
error handling techniques, and many others. 
The cost of the class is $800.00 per student. Discounts are available
for organizations that send two or more students. For more information
or to register please contact Keck & Wood's GIS department at
gistraining at or (678) 417-4000.
Other upcoming GIS classes:
Introduction to ArcGIS I - August 14-15 at Keck
<> & Wood in Duluth, GA
Introduction to ArcGIS II - August 16-18 at Keck
<> & Wood in Duluth, GA
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