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Hello All - 
I received an answer from an ESRI post, here is the response...
Subject	 Re: Kriging Question 	
Author	 Dan Patterson 	
Date	 Jul 18, 2006 	
Message	 that won't change the values in the grid, you need to reclassify or use the con statement within the raster calculator to reclass values less than 0 to 1 	
 	 Geomatics, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 	
And for a translation....
changing the values in the classification will not change the values in the grid.  In order to change the values in the grid you must use 'Reclassify' in the Spatial Analyst pull down menu OR
use the 'Raster Calculator' in the Spatial Analyst pull down menu.  If using the Raster Calculator I typed setnull([yourgridnamehere] < 0, [yourgridnamehere] ) then it turned everything less than 0 to null/no data, hence taking out all the negatives.  Sounds pretty simple now.


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Good Morning Again Shruggies -
What am I missing here.....I have created a Kriging of an underground oil product plume with Spatial Analyst.  The kriging output took the values beyond zero to the negative.  I simply want to change the range of those values so that it starts at one.  Yes I have done all the basics like bringing up the symbol properties box and attempting to simply change it, and trying to re-classify based on manual instead of natural breaks but I am not able to change the minimum start value.  Anyone who has played with kriging in Spatial Analyst I am sure you have run into this.
Thanks in advance.
- Holli
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