shrug-l: ArcMap crashed upon saving

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ArcMap is probably trying to save a temporary file to the DVD.  If it is an
"R" DVD and not an "RW" DVD, it can't write the file and causes ArcMap to
crash.  Try copying the MXD file to a hard drive and try it again (although
it might be one of the other files causing the problem, but the bottom line
is that ArcMap is trying to write a temp file to the DVD.

-- John 



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I have a DVD with several MXD files on it.  All of the vector and raster data
as well as several MXT files are on the disc.  When I one of the maps
directly from the disc using ArcMap, it opens with no problem.  If I then try
to "save as" and put the new MXD on my local drive, ArcMap crashes.  Do
anyone know what might be causing this or how I might go about fixing it?
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