shrug-l: Using StreetMaps_USA data inArcIMS

Daniel Schwartz schwartz at
Mon Nov 13 11:39:00 EST 2006


Has anyone on this list ever used ESRI's StreetMaps_USA data to author maps
in ArcIMS, and in particular using the 'streets' layer?

The current version of StreetMaps_USA has all feature classes encoded as
.sdc files.  I have been able to use ArcCatalog to convert all of those used
in the "StreetMaps USA" to shape files and then use those files in
ArcIMS, with the exception of the 'streets' layer.

The problem with the streets layer appears to be because the resulting file
is too large.  It grows to around 3+ GB and then ArcCatalog reports an error
and automatically deletes everything it has created.  I'm guessing that this
has something to do with the fact that the largest integer you can represent
with 32 bits is about 4 billion.

I have also tried using ArcCatalog with ArcSDE to import the streets layer
into an Oracle geodatabase.  This succeeds (producing a data file of around
7 GB).  The feature class can then be seen within ArcIMS Author via an
ArcSDE link to Oracle, and one can add the feature class as a layer in
ArcIMS Author.  However, Author can't actually draw the features on the map.
If you check the box next to that feature in the legend, nothing happens.
Also, I note that the streets database table is stored in "load only mode"
which may have something to do with this problem.  I'm not sure.

In any case, these are the only two methods I am aware of for getting
feature classes into ArcIMS.  If anyone knows how to make one of these work
for that streets layer, or has any other ideas about how to draw it in
ArcIMS Author, I'd appreciate learning about it.

Thanks and best wishes,

--Dan Schwartz
  Florida State University

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