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Did you have fun at SHRUG? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend both 
days -- but I sure got a lot out of day one! Thanks again to all of the 
committee members who put it together...they did another great job!

Now to the business at hand --

The Florida DEM has 2 Career Service and 1 OPS position within the GIS 
lab. These GIS technician positions serve as members of the State 
Emergency Response Team GIS section. The focus of this section is to 
provide tools for decision makers that will facilitate decision making for 
emergency planning, mitigation, and response. Successful candidates will 
provide GIS data development, analysis, and map making technical services. 
Candidate should have a thorough understanding of the terminology, 
principles, and analytical techniques of geospatial technologies. A basic 
understanding of web application and database design and maintenance is 
required, and advanced web application and database development skills are 

Career Service Positions - for more information or to apply, please 

If those links don't work, visit, on the left-hand side login 
or click over West and choose Leon County, click search on next page, and 
under Agency select DCA - Comm. Affairs and/or under Occupation select 

For best consideration, you may want to apply for both positions -- I 
know, crazy, but apparently I can only recruit for a position within its 
applicant pool, and I'd hate  to have 3 really great candidates apply for 
1 position and none for the other position (if any other supervisors got 
any hints on overcoming that, please contact me off-list).

OPS Position - for more information or to apply, please contact me.

Note that through People's First, another OPS GIS position is also 
currently open within DCA.

Richard Butgereit
GIS Administrator, Florida DEM
richard.butgereit at
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