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I try hard not to use this list as a bill board for Trimble Products.  That
is why many of you may not know who I am.

When it comes to the Mobile Mapper, you may not like the results.  Several
people in Florida have purchased this product and have or are on their way
back to Trimble GPS products.

1) The GPS unit is using an old OS that will receive little or no support in
the future.
2) the accuracy clams are using settings that are hard to achieve in the
field  Add Trees and you have little chance.
3) I have been told that when you save data it takes forever.  I don't know
if this is a processor issue or what it might be.

Trimble is the only handheld GPS unit that is running Pocket 2005.  ESRI and
others have openly stated that they will only support Pocket 2005 or greater
in their next version of their products.

To be completely honest, I do know of one Mobile Mapper user that is happy
with their receiver.

If you have any questions about Trimble Products or would like to see a
White Paper on the Mobile Mapper, please feel free to contact me on the

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Actually we have been looking at The Mobile Mapper CE from Thales.  We
got a cost estimate of $2,495 for the unit and $1,295 for the beacon.

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Does anyone know of a handheld GPS unit that could achieve submeter
accuracy, possibly with an integrated beacon receiver for less than
$5000? We have evaluated Trimble, Thales, Sokkia and Leica.
Thanks, Kristal

Kristal Walsh
Environmental Studies Department
University of West Florida

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