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Hi Kristal,

I am not aware of any good GPS units with software costing less than $5,000
that will consistent achieve sub-meter accuracy.  I have seen folks piece
mill applications together to get something that cost less, but I've also saw
where a lot of time was spent trying to make these work-arounds work.

Trying not to endorse any manufactures, I have to say I have say most of my
experience is with the Trimble Geo series handhelds.  In my opinion, the
GeoXH would be the best bet if you need sub-meter accuracy and wanted to
purchase Trimble equipment.  However, this unit will cost somewhere around
$4,500 or so and then you would need the firmware and software to go with it.
So, this option may be out of your budget.  

I am not very familiar with the other three brands you mentioned.  Maybe they
do very good work at a lower cost?


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Does anyone know of a handheld GPS unit that could achieve submeter accuracy,
possibly with an integrated beacon receiver for less than $5000? We have
evaluated Trimble, Thales, Sokkia and Leica. 
Thanks, Kristal
Kristal Walsh
Environmental Studies Department
University of West Florida
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