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When you create a feature class and assign a domain (the drop down list
of accepted values) to a field. The Domain values are stored as a
separate table (commonly called a lookup table) in the Geodatabase that
is automatically joined to the attribute table in ArcGIS. There are
several ways to export the data so that the information from both is
included in the export. 

The easiest way is to export the data to a shapefile. The new shapefile
attribute table (dbf file) will have the full attribute values and not
just the abbreviated values.   

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I have created a Personal Geodatabase Feature Class
with dropdowns in certain fields of the attribute
table.  When I export the table, the drop down choices
show as the class numbers and not the choice.

Ex) 1 - Commercial, 2 - Industrial, etc...

How can the table be exported and show the values in
the attribute table?


Ken Stocks
Gadsden County

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