shrug-l: Re: Question in Regards to ArcGIS 9.2

Tim Spivey tspivey at
Wed Feb 7 08:29:52 EST 2007

Have you seen these two ESRI user forum topics?
We're waiting for Service Pack 2 to be released before we move to 9.2, a
sentiment echoed by more than one ESRI telephone tech support person.


Hello All

We are considering upgrading to 9.2 and wanted to know from everyone
what some of the major issues were and if there were some things we need
to do before making that upgrade. I have reviewed the user forums on
esri's site, but also wanted to get the group's perspective on any of
the issues before we attempt the upgrade. I believe we are going to
start with just the desktop before we move to IMS and SDE. Will there be
any problems if we upgrade desktop and not SDE at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any comments

Aries BJ Page

GIS Manager

City of Palm Beach Gardens

apage at




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