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Wed Feb 28 13:25:42 EST 2007


I have 4 frames within an ArcMap layout view.  The view is divided into
quarters and each frame is within a quarter.  I need for the data within
each quarter to always display the same mapextent.  Users will have the
ability to pan and zoom within any quarter frame looking at all frames
for comparison of data presented in each frame.  Each frame has the same
base data but different 'interpretive' data.

Thanks for any response....if it's not doable then we need to go down a
different path.


Kathleen Swanson
Biological Administrator/Habitat Assessment and Restoration Program/
Terrestrial Habitat Conservation and Restoration/
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
620 S. Meridian St.
Tallahassee, FL  32399-1600
Phone:  850-410-0656 ext 17278
Mobile:  850-251-5276
Fax:  850-921-7793
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