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Item 3 was also an issue with 9.1.  In class they even taught us to toggle
between the TOC tabs to get the new layer to show up.

On a different note, I had a TSR corner up in the Littman area (west of Post
Plant Road) shot in to cm accuracy for my HazWaste site up there.  Are you
interested in the coordinates for you cadastral maps?

-- John

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I am sure that anyone using 9.2 has been having problems that will hopefully
be fixed with SP1.  

1.  Layout view - Every time that I change a paper size (letter size to
something larger) the layout is moved off of the screen to the south west.  I
have to zoom out over and over to find the view and move it back to the paper
space.  This was not a problem in the past 3 ArcMap versions.

2.  Continuous zoom command - When in paper space or layout view the
continuous zoom resizes the paper and not the map within the view.

3.  Create selection from selected features -  This is my biggest complaint.
When I execute the command the map shows a new layer but the TOC shows
After I toggle back and forth between data view and layout view a few times,
the new layer mysteriously shows up in the TOC...  

If any of you are having these problems, please let me know.  My problems
seem like basic commands that should have been ironed out long before the

Ken Stocks
Gadsden Co.

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