shrug-l: Problems w/ CORS base data in North Florida

Valerie Milmore VMilmore at
Fri Jun 8 11:04:21 EDT 2007

We normally post-process our GPS data by downloading base data using the
Pathfinder office interface.  However, for the past several months it seems
that CORS data is unavailable the next day (or next several days) for most
of the south east US (we normally work in North Florida so would primarily
use base stations in Gainesville / Jacksonville, Tallahassee, etc.  In order
to correct our data we have found the only base station that "works" is the
DEP station in Tallahassee. Of course this is fine for projects in the FL
panhandle, but we are uncomfortable using this station for projects much
closer to the Jacksonville/Gainesville area as they are 150km or more away.
I have gone back to data we collected several weeks ago and tried to run it
through the differential correction process again.  This time I will get
some base data files to download, but they are mostly incomplete (will only
correct 50% or so of the data).
I am wondering if this has become a common or known problem. Any comments or
insights you could offer would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you.
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