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Wed Jun 27 09:44:08 EDT 2007

The US National Grid is an emerging standard grid for emergency 
operations. More information is available by visiting Particulary, you may want to 
check out the presentation "USNG in Florida" available at for an overview 
of why this tool is being added to the GIS toolbox.

But the reason for the message today is to announce -- courtesy of the 
University of Florida's GeoPlan Center, USNG data for all of Florida is 
now available for download at the Florida Geographic Data Library. 

You may visit, click on FGDL Metadata Explorer, enter 
"usng" under the keyword search, click Start Search, and select the grid 
size and appropriate UTM zone for your area of interest...a big thank 
you!!! goes out to GeoPlan for making this data available!

Or visit, where statewide 100,000m and 10,000 grids 
are available at and 100m and 1K grids are 
available by county within each county's core directory -- for example --

Reminder -- the UTM 16/17 junction runs down Jefferson county, so counties 
west are in UTM 16 and counties east are in UTM 17 (and by the way, we are 
still working on Jefferson county due to this challenge!).

We hope to have some websites up and running soon to zoom to and/or 
identify USNG coordinates...details to follow.

Richard Butgereit
GIS Administrator, Florida DEM
richard.butgereit at
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