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There are several places that offer ArcGIS training in Jacksonville. It
really depends on what level you are looking for.
AEROSTAR Environmental Services  - Intro to ArcGIS I - Jill Saunders -
jsaunders at
Keith Joiner - Introduction to ArcGIS I & II -
<mailto:joinerme at> joinerme at
3001 - Introduction to ArcGIS I & II - Justin Carasick-
<mailto:jcarasick at> jcarasick at
Imaging Technologies Software Solutions Group (as needed) - Introduction
to ArcGIS I & II and Using AutoCAD Data in ArcGIS, Bob Brendel -
bbrendel at
Jacksonville College also offers some ArcGIS training classes I believe.

Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP

Associate Vice President, GIS/Mapping

ESRI Authorized Instructor

Keck & Wood, Inc.


(678) 417-4013

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Keck & Wood, Inc offers instructor led and virtual training for ESRI's
ArcGIS & ArcView software.
Please visit  <> for more
information including a schedule of upcoming classes. 

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I am looking for ArcGis training in the Jacksonville area.  Can you
recommend a training location in Jacksonville that offers evening and/or
weekend classes?


Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Linda G. Ottinger, ENP

9-1-1 Coordinator

Nassau County Sheriff's Office

76001 Bobby Moore Circle

Yulee, FL  32011


904.548.4155 fax


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