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I got this on another list I'm subscribed to - I thought I'd pass it on:


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	Job Announcement
	Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO), accredited and consolidated
Law Enforcement for Jacksonville, Florida anticipates hiring several
Public Safety Analyst (formerly Crime Analyst) positions.
	Jacksonville is among nation's fifteen largest cities with a
population approaching one million.  Geographically, the city ranks at
the top for size at 844 square miles.  JSO has about 1,600 sworn and
1,200 non-sworn personnel.  The Analysis Unit will be expanding its
personnel from 12 analysts to 16 analysts.  Four positions will be
available: three are grant funded (for at least two years, with hopes to
make permanent after grand funding ends), and the fourth opening is a
permanent civil service position. 
	Public Safety Analyst
	This position requires an individual with a range of skills
including technical ability, analytical thinking, and interpersonal
skill.  The technical ability refers to a high level of general computer
literacy and implies experience with relational databases, GIS
(Geographic Information Systems), and statistics.  The analytical
thinking should extend beyond reactionary work to include
experience/understanding of problem-analysis, intelligence, and an
understanding of information-led policing, community policing, broken
windows, and other progressive movements in policing.  The interpersonal
skills apply to interaction within a team environment, as well as the
ability to establish good working relations and communicate effectively
with a variety of areas of responsibility.  This includes doing so in
individual and group settings as a non-sworn analyst working across all
levels of a sworn police hierarchy.  It requires appropriate handling of
sensitive information, multi-tasking and prioritization skills.  In all
areas self-initiative and innovative thinking are preferred and
	Basic Requirements Include:
	A four year combination of education, training, and experience
in research, data analysis and statistical work, which includes
production of bulletins, technical reports, graphs, charts, maps, and
tables using personal computers.  Must have successfully completed 60
semester hours of college-level coursework, 12 of which must include
criminal justice, information systems, statistics or other job related
	Ideal Candidate Possesses:
	*     Graduation from an accredited college or university with
	course work in criminal justice, information systems, social
science, geography, or related fields.  Graduate degree preferred.
	*     Firm understanding of relational databases including
	editing, and manipulating data across multiple tables.  SQL,
VBA, Access or related backgrounds preferred.
	*     Extensive working and/or academic knowledge one or more
	applications.  ESRI products preferred.
	*     Strong understanding of statistics and reporting.
	level statistics classes preferred.  Statistical packages such
as Excel, SPSS preferred.  Reporting software such as Crystal Reports
	*     Understanding of analytical techniques including research
	methods, crime theory, and process evaluation.  Real-world
experience with complex problem-analysis or intelligence-analysis
	*     Ability to communicate effectively across all levels of an
	organization.  Experience working/presenting to sworn staff at
all levels, or upper-level executives in other fields, preferred.
	Salary range and factors:
	*     Probable starting salary $43,000 annually
	*     No state income tax!
	*     20 days vacation annually (increases annually)
	*     12 paid holidays per year
	To view the official job posting and apply, go to
	fault.htm.  You must complete an application in order to be
	In addition, interested persons are encouraged to send a resume
to Stacy Belledin, Unit Manager <mailto:stacy.belledin at
<mailto:stacy.belledin at> >.  The posting officially closes
on March 30, 2007. If you have applied for past openings you will need
to re-apply.
	Stacy Belledin
	Crime Analyst Manager
	Crime Analysis Unit
	Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
	tel: 904.630.3457
	fax: 904.630.4709
	stacy.belledin at
	Unless otherwise noted, the material contained in this document
is considered active criminal intelligence and as such, is exempt from
disclosure via the Florida Public Records Law (F.S.S. 119.07)
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