shrug-l: Shapefiles which do not auto correct

Chris.OGara at Chris.OGara at
Mon Mar 26 14:53:59 EDT 2007

Good Afternoon:

I am attempting to bring in shapefiles from a Utility Company that will not
auto correct.
My roadway system is projected in UTM 17 and the shapefiles do not have a
I called the provider of the files and they stated they were in a NAD 27
I took this information and used the Discovering a Projection process and
the files are closer but not close enough to call it done.  The shape files
are still in the Atlantic somewhere.

my question is can you Georeference (GR) shapefiles?
In the literature I have it speaks to GR of images not shapefiles
What is the process of GR shapefiles?

Would you suggest using a WorldFile?
Will a World File work on shapefiles?
I know this works for CAD file what about shapefiles?

Thank You for your time and efforts
Christopher P. O’Gara
District Utility Coordinator
Florida Department of Transportation
Roadway Design / Utilities Office
1109 South Marion Avenue, MS 2024
Lake City, Fl 32025-5874
TEL: (386) 961-7708
FAX: (386) 758-3736
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