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First, if the data is in NAD 27 and a prj file does not exist, you need
to create one in ArcCatalog in order to reproject it to UTM 17. You use
the Define projection tool in ArcToolbox to do that. Of course you will
need to know more than just the datum. You will need to know the
coordinate system as well. Is it state plane, UTM, or something else? If
in doubt, open ArcMap and set the data frame to the projection you
believe the shapefile to be in. Then add your UTM 17 road data. If they
match up then good. If not try again with a different projection. This
is why I stress to students to learn the normal values for the most
commonly used projections in your area. It will allow you to easily pick
out what coordinate system was used to create the data even if there is
no prj file. 

Once you have gotten the shapefile to match as close as you can, then
you will use the spatial adjust toolbar. This toolbar allows you to
transform and rubber sheet vector data. In 9.1 and earlier this included
shapefiles, feature classes and CAD data. In 9.2, it does not include

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Good Afternoon:

I am attempting to bring in shapefiles from a Utility Company that will
not auto correct. My roadway system is projected in UTM 17 and the
shapefiles do not have a projection. I called the provider of the files
and they stated they were in a NAD 27 projection. I took this
information and used the Discovering a Projection process and the files
are closer but not close enough to call it done.  The shape files are
still in the Atlantic somewhere.

my question is can you Georeference (GR) shapefiles?
In the literature I have it speaks to GR of images not shapefiles What
is the process of GR shapefiles?

Would you suggest using a WorldFile?
Will a World File work on shapefiles?
I know this works for CAD file what about shapefiles?

Thank You for your time and efforts
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