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For those of you that use AutoCAD or work with AutoCAD data, a new
version has just been released and is shipping. The new version is
AutoCAD 2008. AutoCAD 2008 has a few new features, many of which we have
had in other GIS programs for years. Some of these include:

*	Annotation Scaling - AutoCAD users can set the current scale of
a view port or model space view, and then apply that scale to each
object and specify its size, placement, and appearance based on the
scale set for the view port.
*	Layers Per View port - Users can set layer properties specific
to each view port
*	Enhanced MTEXT - Allows users to specify columns. These can be
static or dynamic.
*	Links to Excel Spreadsheets - Users can now link features to
Excel Spreadsheets.
*	Export to DGN - Users can export a drawing to Microstation DGN

The best news is Autodesk did not change the actual DWG format. It is
the same as R2007. That means other software such as ArcGIS 9.2 will
still be able to read information created in AutoCAD 2008. You can
expect the companion products such as Map 3D and Civil 3D will be
shipping in the next couple of months. 
Those that are considering upgrading might want to follow the
discussions on Autodesk's 2008 newsgroups at 

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