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Thanks to John Sykes, Aries Page, and Mark Welsh for sharing their Canon
experiences, the information is very helpful. For those who may be
looking for a new plotter, read on to see the summated comments:
We don't have a Canon plotter, but they brought one into our office to
let us
wring it out.  I thought the plot quality was excellent, it was fast
and the
expendables are a lot cheaper than HP.  In fact, the Canon rep is
around using one of my GIS maps for his main demo.  If we had any money
spend on a plotter, I would select one of the Canons.  Check with
Williams here at DEP, he can give you the rep's phone number.
-- John 
We here at the City of Palm Beach Gardens Purchased the Canon iPF8100
in November and have enjoyed it since we got it. There have been no
issues printing from ESRI. There print drivers have been great and easy
to use, unlike the HP model that we had previously. (1055) We purchased
the maintenance contract and extended warranty which we hope will be
better than the HP warranty that we had (which didn’t work that well).
Price tag for just the Canon was around $5000.00, including warranties
pushed it to a little over $7000.00.
Overall I say it has been great thus far. 

Aries BJ Page
for what it’s worth, we have a canon printer at home and that thing has
been absolutely the most reliable and economic printer I have ever seen.
Plus they also do stuff like provide clear plastic ink cartridges so you
can actually believe that they’re empty when the printer starts saying
they are empty. So at this level (which is not a plotter) I take it as a
good barometer of what kind of product they provide. Our last HP plotter
here was a total disappointment, it failed after 3 years and no
technician could fix it. I think you guys had the same plotter/problem
at Leon County.

Thanks again,

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