shrug-l: GIS Internship

Rob Clift robert.eciv at
Thu Apr 3 19:50:48 EDT 2008

Good afternoon:

I am a student in FSU's MS GIS program and I am writing because I am  
on pace to finish my coursework at the end of April.  I am looking  
for a summer internship in order to complete the degree.  I would  
like to find a position that will involve GIS analysis, geodatabase  
administration, and possibly some remote sensing image processing.   
The software packages I have learned over the course of the program  
include ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, IDRISI Andes, TransCAD, and the  
statistical program R (an open-source version of S).  I also have a  
background in graphic design & desktop publishing.

The internship requirements are pretty loose.  I must work 20 hours  
per week for approximately three months in order to satisfy the  
instructor.  A full-time post would also suffice.  It doesn't matter  
whether the position is in the public or private sector but it must  
be in (or very near) Tallahassee.

Please let me know of any internship opportunities.  Thanks for your  

Rob Clift

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