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This is not a question but a hint.

When you need to enter the symbols for degrees minutes and seconds try this.

Degree symbol, °  - Hold down the Alt key and enter 0176 from the keypad
(NumLock must be on) release the Alt key and ° appears! (blue used for

These final two avoid using the apostrophe or quotation marks, which may be
reversed by MS Word and other programs when the program thinks you are typing
a quotation mark (so called “Smart Quotes” - see!).

Minute or prime symbol, ′ - Enter 2032 from the keypad (NumLock must be on),
then hold down the Alt key and type x (the 2032 will be changed to ′)

Second or double prime symbol, ″ - Enter 2033 from the keypad (NumLock must
be on), then hold down the Alt key and type x (the 2033 will be changed to

The only problem is if the prime or double prime follows a number without a
space, the keystroke interpreter tries to interpret the entire number string,
which doesn’t work, so you might want to set up a custom shortcut key.

However, if you are patient, the end result looks like this.

21° 15′ 24.56784″ N
81° 24′ 14.64532″ W

Try this - set up a keystroke macro so you can generate  ° ′ ″N and ° ′
Then, you can just fill in the degrees minutes and seconds.

-- John

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