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AutoDesk [maker of AutoCAD] has  a nifty web-enabled format [DWF] that
is far faster than PDF and it does not pixelate obnoxiously as PDF and
pure raster formats.

The software is called  Design Review and it's free. The viewer end of
it is a Flash MS IE plug-in.  Related free programs will allow non-CAD
users to view native CAD files [dwg] as well as dwf and dxf.


DWF is a form of plotter language.   For what it's worth they provide a
package [for free] that allows most windows-based programs to export or
print to DWF files. 


Recently a Microsoft update [I believe] killed the ability of my desktop
browser to resolve the DWF architectural drawings on my server.  Oddly,
ESRI's ArcIMS serves maps handily, but the far simpler DWF system is
blocked by 'script error.'   I'm using MS IE 7 - and it worked happily
for months. 


So, here is my question:  Does anyone else use AutoDesk DWF files on a
web site and if so, have you had the problem?

Better yet, have you resolved it?


Since Design Review is free AutoDesk doesn't offer support.

Imagine that. 


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