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Thank you for the responses!  All advice was used to fix my problem.  For the benefit to others who might have this issue in the future my steps were as follows:

1.       Used Calculate Geometry to calculate SP x and y coordinates while data frame was projected to SP.

2.       Added two new text fields and changed the projection of the data frame to WGS84.

3.       Used Calculate Geometry on the new fields but selected 'Use coordinate system of the data frame' to calculate for Degrees Minutes Seconds (+/-DDD MM'SS.sss") .

Thanks again!!


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If you are using 9.2, you can change the projection of your data frame to WGS84 then use the calculate geometry function, which has the option to calculate x/y based on the feature projection or the data frame projection.  Using the data frame projection will give you lat/lon in decimal degrees.

Thank you -

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I am trying to add lat/long data to an existing .mdb.  I have successfully created x and y coordinate fields and populated the fields based on the respective State Plane system (Florida North).  I now need to convert the SP coordinates to lat/long.  Is this possible?

Any information would be a great help!


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