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Precisely.  That is what I was trying to point out in my question about a
week and a half ago.  There are several city limits layers out there, none of
which seem to be accurate.  I have been using the FGDL layer based on parcel
data, but it has some holes in it.  The TIGER data and FDEP layers are old
and don't represent recent incorporations and annexations that have occurred
in the last few years.  Another problem is that all the city limits layers
that are out there do not agree with the county boundary layers, creating
problems with spatial joins.  So if anyone knows of city limit data that is
up-to-date and consistent with county boundary data, let us know.


(You would think that DOR would have this kind of data hanging around)


James, one other thing, the future use and comprehensive plan data may assume
annexations that have not yet occurred (and may never occur).


-- John 


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Hi All,


Is there an up-to-date (and accurate) municipal boundary layer for Florida?
I'm currently using the City Limits data from FGDL, but there seems to be
inconsistencies when it's compared to official documents such as future land
use maps in comprehensive plans.  Any suggestions?



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